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Willow Tree Figurines

Willow tree figures make popular gifts to match any occasion. Take the arrival of a new baby as an example, the figure depicting a mother holding a newborn holds great sentiment to be remembered each time this piece is viewed. In contrast, the 'New Dad' figurine is a bold statement of love and cherish to be taken throughout the years, perfect as a new baby gift.

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About Willow Tree

Willow Tree figurines are created by artist Susan Lordi who hand carves each original figure. The hallmark of Willow Tree is the simplicity of form through the absence of facial features yet the ability of each piece to express a different sentiment. Willow tree figures are a popular gift to match many occasions.

A great example of this is ‘Our Gift’ which depicts a male and female figure holding each other and also holding a new baby together in their arms. The male and female figures heads are touching and the female is kissing the baby’s head. The joyous feeling of remembering the birth of a new baby is relived every time this piece is viewed.

It is amazing how the artist manages to capture age in her ‘Grandmother’ and ‘Grandfather’ pieces, despite the fact there are no facial features you can tell that the adults in these pieces are older and the relationships between these and the parent figures, and children are somehow different. The great thing is that these can be viewed as singular pieces or collected together as family units as numbers swell.

‘Angel of Mine’ has proven to be a very popular choice for a new father to purchase for his wife. The characterisation of a young woman holding a very new baby seems to evoke incredibly strong feelings and was based on the artists own memories of that deepest feeling of love when holding her own children.

Willow Tree remains an incredibly popular way to express your feelings by way of a gift. As a family grows, so does your collection, as we include add-on figurines such as ‘Caring Child’ and ‘Spirited Child’ into our range which will come to replace the new baby statues as more family members are born.

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