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First Mother's Day Guide

Mummy Bear Mug

Becoming a mum for the first time is such a special time in any woman’s life; full of wonder and excitement and a time to form that special enduring bond with your new bundle of joy.

It goes without saying that it’s hard work with endless nappy changes and sleepless nights to cope with, but at the same time it’s a magical and rewarding experience to be treasured and ultimately remembered.

Mother's Day

The very first Mother’s Day is a milestone which she will remember forever so treating her to a little something to mark the occasion is a no-brainer especially as she has just given you the greatest gift of all!

When is Mother’s Day in the UK?

Historically Mother’s Day was originally a Christian celebration for worshippers to welcome their ‘Mother’ church home following Lent. A national holiday was held and everyone could join their families for some ‘together-time’.

Later, the tradition evolved into a well-earned ‘day-off’ for young domestic servants who would spend this time visiting their mothers. This in turn developed into the tradition we know today, whereby Mothers are shown our appreciation by having the entire day dedicated to them and are subsequently bestowed with cards and gifts (this is encouraged by the gift and card retail industry!)

Mother's Day Card

The actual date of Mother’s Day in the UK changes slightly every year due to the link with the Christian calendar. The date corresponds with the fourth Sunday of Lent, and is 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. Other countries such as the USA celebrate Mother’s Day on a different day to the UK.

What if she is still pregnant during Mother’s Day?

If she’s carrying a baby inside her then she’s a mum – no question! Make sure you get her a little card and gift from you and the bump and make a big fuss of her. Trust us it will be hugely appreciated. It’s amazing how many dads/partners don’t consider this one!

Baby Scan Frame

A personalised baby scan frame is a great idea for this occasion.

Should I buy my wife a gift? She’s not my mum?

Yes of course! She has grown a baby for you, plus the baby is not in a position to shop online!) It’s your job to get her something special from you and the baby, at least until your child is old enough to arrange something themselves.

(By the way, don’t forget to get something for your mum too, she’s the reason you turned into such an incredible human being after all!)

She said she doesn’t want anything!

If your better-half tells you that she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day she is probably not being 100% truthful! Please surprise her with a meaningful gift or gesture, however small, she deserves no less.

So this is your chance to show your baby’s mum how special she is, remind her of how appreciated she is for everything she does. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, you can be sure she’ll appreciate the smallest of gestures as long as the right sentiment is behind it.

So without further ado let’s explore some popular gift ideas which are guaranteed to put a smile on mummy’s face on her very first Mother’s Day.

Popular gift suggestions for a first Mother’s Day


If there’s one thing a new mummy is lacking it's time to herself. Something as simple as taking baby off her hands for a few hours and letting her have some ‘me-time’ is as good a gift as any!

Why not prepare a nice meal, run her a hot bath and just let her take a load off? Breakfast in bed is a real winner! This sort of gift costs nothing and is probably appreciated the most!

Bath Time

Top tip – If you do get creative in the kitchen, make sure you clean up after yourself otherwise it was a well-meaning but pointless exercise!

In the picture

Mother's Day Frame

Those first few photos of your new bundle of joy are precious so why not pop one in a nice photo frame to provide the ideal gift for mummy this Mother’s day. Either use a photo of the baby alone of a family shot, it’s up to you.

Pair this with one of our personalised photo frames engraved with a special personal message, sentiment or poem and happy tears will follow.

Top tip – If baby is still a bump you can always use the baby scan photo here.


This is a given – mummies want chocolate – enough said!

Mummy Chocolate

Top tip – you could always buy her a personalised chocolate bar – that way everyone will know whose chocolate it is!

Flower power

Flowers make a nice traditional gift idea for a first time mummy. You don’t have to spend a fortune at a florist – supermarkets have a great selection of affordable bouquets nowadays.


Top tip - Why not make the gift a bit more lasting and meaningful by pairing it with a personalised vase? That way once the flowers have wilted mum will still have something to remember the occasion by and use year after year.

Mummy bling

Another great idea for a first time mummy this Mother’s Day is a piece of personalised jewellery. Just add the name or birth details of her new bundle of joy! Choose from a bespoke bracelet, necklace or even a mummy keyring.

Either way this will provide a thoughtful and lasting keepsake to remember that landmark 1st Mothers Day by.

Mummy Necklace

Top tip – some pieces of jewellery are designed to allow additional pieces to be added if you have more children in the future – it may be worth bearing this is mind if you are planning a large family.

Time for a brew

A personalised mug makes a wonderful keepsake gift for mummy to enjoy her morning cuppa and it’s an affordable option too! There are a huge number of designs to choose from and you can even buy a mummy and baby mug set, so baby can enjoy a Babyccino when they are a bit older!

Mummy & Baby Mugs

Tea may be one of the few things getting mummy through the day at the present time. It makes sense therefore to consider a tea-themed gift. Choose from personalised teapots or bespoke tea sets in a personalised box to really pamper mum.

Top tip – well known coffee chain sell gift cards, these are a great additional gift idea for a bit of mummy time.

Something stronger?

Personalised Wine Glass

Nine months is a long time to abstain from alcoholic beverages so a bottle of mum’s favourite tipple is sure to go down a treat. Whether this is her favourite sparkling wine or premium brand of gin – let’s get this party started!

Top tip - To make the gift a bit more special why not pair it with her very own personalised glass?

Pick a card, any card...

The best kind of card is a homemade card. Now this may not be too practical if it’s her first Mother’s Day as baby won’t have the necessary motor skills yet. However a simple baby hand of footprint followed by a short message will more than suffice. Trust us no matter how messy and sticky the result, mum will be chuffed that the both of you spent some time on this task.

Failing that we have a range of personalised Mother’s day cards which provide a nice gesture and lasting keepsake memento of that special day.

Top tip – please do not ever buy the same card for your own mum!

So now you have a few ideas for spoiling any new mummy on her first ever Mother’s Day. So whatever your feelings about this somewhat commercialised occasion, don’t let that stop you from making mum feel like the most important thing in her families world!

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Updated Jan 2020
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