Naming Ceremony Gifts

Celebrate a Naming Day ceremony with one of our personalised baby Naming Day gifts. These secular (non-religious) gifts are all perfect for this type of celebration.

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1 - 99 of 288

What is a Naming Day?

A Naming Day is a secular (non-religious) alternative to a Christening or Baptism where parents can officially 'name' or 'welcome' the child to the family. Guide parents or guardians are chosen and along with the parents they make certain promises to the child, witnessed by family and friends. Need more information? Please read our informative guide to Naming Days.

Naming Day Presents

If you have been invited to be a Guide parent, Sponsor, Mentor or Guardian to a baby then you'll be sure to find the perfect present to commemorate their special day. Furthermore, we have a whole host of unique Naming Ceremony gifts for Grandparents to present to their grandchildren. First and foremost we think baby naming ceremony gifts should be personalised. The parents will be so proud to see their bundle of joy's name printed, engraved or embroidered onto something special for them to treasure always.

If you need any help choosing something for this special ceremony don't hesitate to ask us - we're here to help!

Naming Day Keepsake Gifts

Many customers prefer a more traditional keepsake style gift to present to a baby on the occasion of their Naming day. Examples include personalised money boxes, keepsake boxes, photo albums, photo frames and bespoke ornaments. Whatever you choose you can be sure that because it is personalised it will be well received by the parents.

Sponsors, Mentors Guide parents and Guardians

If you have invited a family member or close friend to be your child's Guide parent (also known as Sponsor, Mentor or Guardian) then it is normal to thank them with a small gift as a token of your appreciation for all their support. Our vast range of Godparent gifts includes many idea which are also suitable for such an occasion.

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