First Father's Day Gift Guide

First Father's Day

These days it's not just mums who put in all the hard work bringing up babies. New dads now provide a much more ‘hands-on’ role with their offspring and duties are often shared out much more evenly, even if mum or dad are working full time.

Just like mums, new dads have to make sacrifices when a new bundle of joy arrives on the scene. Social life rapidly takes a back seat to your new baby’s needs and new skills need to be learnt such as nappy changing and maybe even vacuuming!

When the newest (and cutest) family member arrives in the household and demands a serious amount of attention from mummy, relationships with partners can often suffer a few blows. Add to this sleep deprivation (which doesn't just affect mums) and you have potential for frazzled, mildly confused, stressed-out dads too!

This is not to say it’s not all worth it! Talk to any new dad and he would happily do it all again (and quite often does). Nothing compares to those precious first few months bonding with your new baby and seeing them smile at you for the first time.   The unconditional love that only your child (OK and maybe your faithful dog!) can give you.

Dad & Son 

We think new dads deserve some serious acknowledgement for their efforts too - whether that’s a special gift, gesture or some well needed R&R! Father’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for such an outpouring of praise, goodies and treats, so here’s our guide to make his first Father’s Day special along with some bestselling gift ideas any new daddy will be thrilled to receive!

But first of all when is Father’s Day in the UK and where does it come from?

When is Father’s Day in the UK?

June 16 th Father's Day 2019
Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in June in the UK. The idea of a special day set aside to honour fathers, grandfathers, stepfather and father figures has its origins in the United States. In the early 20th Century a very nice lady called Sonora Smart Dodd decided dad’s deserved a special day all to themselves akin to Mothering Sunday and so Father’s Day was born. The UK ‘stole’ this idea and UK dads have been thankful ever since!

Who buys the gift? He’s not my dad!

Well this is an easy one. The wife or partner must buy the special Father’s day gift because generally new babies are too young to use a credit card!

Seriously though don’t forget to buy something for your own dad as well as your baby’s dad – this is equally important! You can even buy granddad something from the baby too if you want to be really generous!

Granddad Mug 

First and foremost - make the day about him!

Dads are probably used to being a bit of a ‘spare wheel’ at times especially during those first few months after a new baby arrives. However not today! Today is the day that you make time for him, do whatever he wants to do and show him how much you and your baby appreciate all that he does.

If he works full time persuade him to take the day off work so he can spend quality time with his family. You may need to make use of the grandparent babysitting service so you can spend some precious time together as a couple. He may want to do something together as a family unit which is great.

Failing that, if he just wants to sit in a darkened room and watch 8 seasons of Games of Thrones back-to-back – don’t judge him!

Popular gift ideas

Now we will take a look at some of our popular gift ideas which are guaranteed to bring a smile and maybe even a tear to the most hardened dads!

His heart on his sleeve

When Baby Met Daddy Cuff Links
Cufflinks are a brilliant idea (if he wears them on a regular basis). Not just any cufflinks though these can be personalised with the date and time when daddy first met baby! Every time dad wears these and glances at his cuff he will remember with a smug smile what an awesome dad he is!

You won’t go wrong with these personalised daddy cufflinks as they are number one best-selling gift idea for new daddies!

Key to success

Practical gifts can be beautiful and meaningful too! How about one of our personalised key rings that dad can keep with him wherever he goes? A particular favourite of ours is this daddy shark & baby shark personalised key ring!

Personalised Shark Keyring

Driven to drink

OK it may not have gotten quite that bad yet but lots of dads enjoy a sensible tipple every now and then and we have lots of ideas to suit. If you’re looking to splash out then this top quality engraved LSA decanter will gain you extra brownie points!

Personalised Daddy Decanter

If you don’t want to spend a fortune a personalised beer glass is still going to go down a storm.

Personalised Father's Day Pint Glass 

Caffeine fix!

Like mum, dad may enjoy a cup of coffee or ten to get him through the day – treat him to a special personalised dad mug with a lovely message from his offspring. He will be reminded that it’s all worthwhile as he enjoys his cuppa.

Personalised Daddy Superhero Mug

For busy dads on the go, in the car or generally out-and-about, why not opt for one of our personalised travel coffee mugs which are re-useable so great for the environment too!

Dad's Personalised Travel Mug 

Daddy bling

Nowadays dads wear jewellery too and why not! If dad likes to rock this sort of look then why not surprise him with a piece of bespoke jewellery like this engraved No. 1 Daddy dog tag necklace? He’ll be the coolest dad in the playground!

Daddy Dog Tag Necklace

If he’d rather decorate his wrist we can suggest this engraved stainless steel bangle which oozes masculine style whilst incorporating his pride and joy’s name!

  Personalised Daddy Bangle

Who said socks were boring?

Well this more traditional dad gift has been given a twist and upgraded with added personalisation. Our novel personalised daddy socks feature this super cute daddy bear design and come with a special message from baby bear.

  Personalised Daddy Socks

Mini me

Whether they admit it or not Dads love it when their baby is a chip off the old block! Now dad and his mini-me can match looks with these cool tee-shirt sets in various designs and sizes from newborn to large adult!

  Personalised Daddy & Me T-Shirt Set

If matching clothing isn’t their thing we also have matching daddy & me personalised wash bags and daddy and daddy’s little helper personalised enamel mugs – super cute!

Personalised Daddy & Daddy's Little Helper Mugs

Green-fingered dads

 Dad may like to escape the joys of parenthood from time-to-time and enjoy a spot of gardening (or hiding in the shed!) – if so, we’ve got that covered too.

Personalised Gardening Gloves

How about a pair of luxury leather gardening gauntlets which come personalised with his name? No more thorny cuts when pruning those rose bushes! Or for a tighter budget this personalised fork and trowel set will have him planting bulbs full of the joys of spring!

  Personalised Garden Fork & Trowel Set

You get the picture

Dad knows his baby is the best-looking, cutest baby in town, and therefore he is going to need somewhere to display a favourite picture of his little one for all to admire at home or in the office! Choose from a huge range of personalised photo frames in various sizes.

Our particular favourites are the personalised Number 1 Daddy box frame which holds a 5x7 inch photo and our super cute Daddy Bear First Father’s day personalised aluminium frame.

Personalised Daddy Frame 

So there you have it, some top tips and gift ideas to make any first Father’s Day a really memorable and special occasion for deserving daddies everywhere! Hope it's a good one!

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Updated Dec 2019
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