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Useful Tips When Travelling Abroad With A Baby | Born Gifted

Travelling Overseas With Babies
Going abroad is a fun and exciting time, whether you are a family of five or a couple with one toddler. Holidaying in a foreign destination allows you to sit back and relax and let your worries wash away in the crystal clear sea. Coupled with the guaranteed sunshine it's no wonder why many families take their little ones away during the summer holidays!

The summer is a fantastic time for kids to unwind from school and enjoy being free from lessons, exams and homework for six weeks.
It can also prove to be a long period to amuse the little ones to ensure they don’t become too bored. As much as they will enjoy the time off school, soon enough they will get fed up and need something to keep them entertained.

Whether you stay in the UK or take a vacation abroad, it is important that you ensure the children are occupied and kept busy. If you are planning your baby’s first holiday abroad this year, here are some top tips on travelling abroad with a baby.

Does my baby need its own passport?

If you are travelling abroad with a baby please ensure first and foremost that they have their OWN passport. Children definitley need their own passport and application forms are obtainable from local post office branches.  If you want to be really organised why not purchase one of our fabulous personalised leather first passport holders?

First Passport

When can my baby fly?

Most airlines allow babies to fly from an early age but generally, he/she needs to be at least two weeks old. Make sure that they do not have an ear infection, cough or cold before flying because changes in the cabin pressure can cause discomfort.

Do I need to book my baby its own seat


Even if the baby is sitting on your lap, a ticket still needs to be booked. Most airlines classify infants as children under the age of two and they are provided a lap belt to put around the baby during take-off and landing but you may want to ask for a travel cot for the duration of the flight.

Do I get extra luggage allowance?

When travelling on a long haul flight, some airlines allow infants to take separate hand luggage. This can be used to store extra nappies, clothing and toys. But many are stringent on what you can and cannot take with you and regulations regarding liquids are applicable here. If you need to take baby food, drink, or nappy cream, check with the airline beforehand for measurement restrictions.

My toddler needs a buggy, can I take it?

A pram is always helpful on a holiday, especially in hilly climates and most airlines allow you to take buggies on the plane for children under five-years-old. Generally you need to check them in as luggage and collect them at the destination, as you would normally with a suitcase.  Some airlines will allow you to take your buggy through to join the aircraft especially if you have very young children, in these instances the buggy will still be placed in the hold.

Will I be able to change my baby on the flight?

Baby Changing

Most airlines offer changing facilities in the toilets on the plane. The cubicles have fold-down tables for you to change your little one’s nappy so even if you do plan on travelling for a long duration, rest assured you can still take care of your baby’s needs.

Where is the best place to travel with a baby?


When going abroad with a baby try to choose a destination that is free of diseases. Your baby will be too young to be vaccinated so check with your doctor of ideal countries. Try family-friendly short-haul destinations like Italy or Spain; the vast majority of citizens speak English which helps when it comes to asking for baby changing facilities and they have lots of touristy areas which are great to keep children entertained.  Ideally avoid areas where there is a potential for conflict, terrorist threat, natural disasters etc!

Will my baby need special sun cream?


Babies are very prone to dehydration and sun protection is very important in hot countries as they can quickly get sunburnt. Make sure they are covered at all times with a t-shirt and hat and choose a factor of at least +30 with an SPF (sun protection factor) but ideally 50 SPF. Cover thickly on areas not covered by clothing and don’t forget their hands, feet and ears.

Look after your baby’s delicate skin and if he/she is younger than six months, it's best to keep him out of the sun completely. Sunglasses may seem a little extravagant but they can help to protect their eyes and don’t forget to attach a parasol or canopy to the pushchair.

What are the necessities I need to take?

Whether you are flying, driving or travelling via coach, certain necessities are essentials when travelling abroad with a baby.  These consist of nappies, jars of baby food, spare clothes, baby wipes, a dummy and milk. A pram will be helpful as well as a special toy/teddy bear and blanket.

I’m worried- this is our baby’s first holiday…

It is understandable why you may be feeling apprehensive but please remember to stay relaxed. Getting stressed will only make things worse, so don’t panic or fret about any of the other passengers. Travelling abroad should be a fun, enjoyable experience so make the most of it!


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